Night Shoot


Rosedale’s Night Shoot is an event held twice a year. During this shoot the range is closed to all others. Shooting in the day time is easy for most but at night it becomes a whole other animal. This event gives the shooter an opportunity to test skills and equipment at a time when shooting is normally over due to low light conditions. The range is controlled by several RSO’s to insure safety at every moment.



Equipment list needed for this shoot:

* Eye & Ear Protection

* Cold Weather Gear

* PISTOL of your choice (weapon mounted light is encouraged but can be done with hand held flashlight) 100 rounds of ammo for that pistol and 2 magazines are recommended. PISTOL caliber carbines are also OK to use for this course.

* RIFLE (semi auto, AR, AK as examples) you will also need a weapon mounted light for this stage. This must be weapon mounted light only. 100 rounds of ammo and 2 magazines are recommended.

* SHOTGUN (pump or semi-auto only, Rem 870, Benelli M4 as examples)

The last hour of shooting will be a lights out shooting experience only. Some members have night vision scopes and goggles for this course. Do not worry if you don’t have any of the items, you will get time behind these weapons so you can get the experience. We recommend you bring ammo for use with these guns. 308 or 7.62x51mm for the rifle(Walmart has ZQI 7.62x51mm for a great price)

This shoot is a great time and is a good way to learn your basic shooting skills at night. We often hear after the shoot that most had no idea how difficult it really is or how poorly they were equipped for such a shoot. We limit the amount of shooters to 20 people so it’s important to get signed up before it fills up. Shoots are held in the months of November and March.

The cost for this shoot is $10 per person.

For additional information contact “Doc” the Night Shoot Director at