Starts April 7, 2021 Ends August 26, 2021

Wednesday – Thursday or any weekend day that is open.

Shoot 2 Rounds of Skeet (50 birds total) each week for minimum of 12 scores, at $3.00  per shoot.

Must complete 12 shoots for prizes.

You may shoot more at the completion of your 12 shoots to bring year end average up.

Only your top ten scores are used for year end average and class.

Returning shooters will use last years ending class.

Note if your average jumps up two class levels you will be move up to the next highest class.

A new shooters class will be determined after their 12 shoots are completed and their top ten scores are averaged.

Fill out score report card and sign it with a witness and 

Place in envelope with $3.00 and deposit in drop box in hall way.